Zoom Hell: Desk Diary – November 09, 2020

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We do not believe such a thing like purgatory exists, only heaven and hell.

Right now, I’m writing from another desk, far away from the usual. Sure, the internet’s fast and all, but what I’ve been doing all day is to finish a backlog that seemed to be impossible.

I’ve never felt a hellish moment like this.

I really felt it when Sadvertising pops up a strip (or a series of strips) which takes pages out of the advertising industry. While I don’t belong to the same industry as theirs, I really felt that my work has been cursed.

My saving grace: My sanity. Can my sanity keep up?

I don’t feel like doing anything but sleep. Sleep is something I badly need. Events overlapped, clients want to do this and that, revise, revise, revise, revise— and yet, they don’t know the full story. They’re asking “How’s the product?” and not “How’s the one producing it?”

This is normal – your feelings are inferior to the feelings of the ones feeding you, especially during this pandemic.

We all agree that the worst flipside of working from home is that the line has been blurred between work and life. There’s no work-life balance especially when your client wants to meet you at 8pm for the output, only to have the meeting last until wee hours of early morning.

Again, this is normal… but it should not be normal. At all.

This is my last two brain cells writing its call for help. How come we’ve gone this far? Should we blame it to the barely-visible virus? Should we blame it on the origin of it?

It has changed everyone’s living for the worst, and yet there are still people who think otherwise (setting aside those who overthink, leading to make up their own conspiracy theories almost out of nowhere).

There are many times when I want to give up my work, but the reality is – and I’ve been always saying this – my work is proportional to my hobby: No work means no cash to spend on hobbies or something I love. Ironically, work can be inversely proportional to hobby, where there’s too much work that you can’t even spend time writing.

Still, I don’t think I’ll give up my work. It’s securing me for years now, and it will secure me for some more years provided that the work load doesn’t get too toxic.

While too toxic workloads happen once a year, I would appreciate much it if it doesn’t exist at all. I’m not getting younger, which means I get too tired easily. More of this and I don’t know where I will pick myself up.

Going back to Zoom Hell, Zoom is an unreliable piece of software that we still use because it’s the better choice. If there’s a better alternative to Zoom, I’d take it very well. No, not WebEx – their flaws in the past are the reason why Zoom exists.

Ending on a high note, you take care of yourselves. Rest when you can, and keep yourselves safe from this curse of a virus.

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