You can now stalk #WCS2017 competitors a little bit easier

…as they post their updates on Twitter and Facebook, yes.

It’s really a task to look up at what’s happening between the participants of the World Cosplay Summit, so I pulled up a possible solution.

Just in time for the World Cosplay Summit, we are launching a tool to help look at updates of its participant-competitors in one glance, a la TweetDeck.

I have built the site to help me in getting a better perspective of this year’s WCS as I (hopefully this will happen) aim to have a Facebook Live of my reactions on the second day of the World Cosplay Summit Championship.

As you enter, you will be welcomed with updates from select Facebook pages related to this year’s event.

At the bottom-left, you can also check select tweets on the tracker’s Twitter page. Lastly, there’s a “Winners Stats” section where I tallied the number of wins of representing countries.

There’s more to do for the World Cosplay Summit, but I’m hopeful that I’m helping in spreading the word that there’s this glorious gathering held every year in Nagoya.