How does Martabak taste like at the World Street Food Congress 2017?

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Last week was a busy and a happy one for me — me and Ma were given an opportunity to bond together overnight at the Mall of Asia Complex, where I gave her a taste of Indonesia through a dessert served at the World Street Food Congress located at the Concert Grounds.

The Congress has set up three huge tents (plus one for the dialogue), filled with food stalls which are cooking amazing food from different parts of the country and the rest of the world.

There’s cooking demos, band performances (the one I saw is featuring Color it Red), and lots of dining spaces. Last year, I tried a ₱200 Chey Sua Carrot Cake from Singapore, now I’m trying (finally) a delicacy from Indonesia: Martabak.

This ₱260 dish has four slices of pancake made from glutinous rice, filled with various flavors such as matcha, red velvet Oreo, peanut butter, and chocolate. Ma likes this sweet dessert, of course!

For the drinks, I tried the Sugarcane Juice and Singapore’s Bandung drink (around ₱60–70 each, I forgot) using the consumable coupons, and both are refreshing. The Bandung drink, made from rose syrup, is the real deal, thanks to its rosy smell.

I went there just in time for the first day of the Congress — tomorrow is the last day, and I’m sure there are more choices to choose from. I was able to try more than one dish this year— if , and if, we count the drinks as dishes. Maybe by next year’s Congress I can really taste two or more dishes.