What I’m watching this Spring 2016

As I take a quick break, let me share you some of the series that I’m watching during commutes in and out of the office.


Translation: “No problem,” but really, I read that as “AOTS Spring 2016”

This has to be a must-watch anime for bike enthusiasts and people interested in owning a motorcycles, period, hands down. Also, Reina Ueda, Nao Touyama and Yumi Uchiyama are there. Hane’s (Ueda) cute.


“Trust me, I’m a girl pretending to be a guy.”

I’ve just watched the third episode and I’m laughing my ass off with all that cliched stuff that I’ve read from light novels… wait, this is from GA Bunko, which is also the home of Rakudai. When will Rakudai have a second season?

I also cringed a bit with all of those fanservice since again I’m watching this during commute. Hay.

Kuma Miko

Bear: “I’m cute and neutered.”

Just focus on the bear, guys, he won’t bite — after all, he’s neutered.

Macross Delta

Mirage: “I’m gonna bite you”

This is actually the first time I’m going to watch a Macross series (I know I am missing out a lot but that’s fine), and I’m only there for Walkure. My first experience with Macross is though Zero-G Love (the downtempo version) and its funky guitar pluckings.

The next event where you will see me is the Tourism Lifestyle & Business Expo at the Glorietta Activity Center this April 26 to 28. I’ll be hosting it, so see you there!