What I did at the 14th ToyCon?

We’ve had fun covering the 14th Philippine ToyCon weeks ago, and here are some of the things that we did during the three-day geekfest on our much-delayed event feature.

Authority Hoodie’s DC Comics hoodies

I tried out the DC Comics-licensed Green Lantern hoodie from Authority Hoodie which was available at the event. I find it much lighter than the jacket Hero TV gave away during the launch party. It’s not a jacket as I expected, but AH!’s Kristell Lim told me that the hoodies are for sports and office use. The hoodies are made from cotton as well.

Funko Pop! Vinyl Figures

Due to the sheer number of merchants that sell these (I counted 19 during Day 3) and its super-deformed structure, I can safely say that Funko Pop! Vinyl Figures are the Western counterpart of the Japanese Nendoroid figurines.

There was an exclusive Aswang figure that was released during the event, but we didn’t look at it — instead, we take a look at their DJ setup at Hall 3 — just beside the tech booth where I stayed for most of the time during the last day — and we got a glimpse of Doraemon and friends dancing wild to the DJ’s tunes… Doraemon wiggled his best until he almost exploded.


My promise for myself at ToyCon this year is that I will play games; and thankfully, I did.

I was able to test out KooApps’ Light this Up, the indie visual novel Gravure (which is ironically not about fanservice), the smartphone complement Sphero and the wild two-wheeler Ollie.

Light this Up is a paid game for iOS devices which makes learning physics a bit easier. This game won in the Philippine Game Festival (of the Game Developers Association of the Philippines) for being an educational game. I like it.

Gravure is a work of DagitabSoft (also known as Benedict Villariaza, or moonlightbomber to be exact) that is dubbed as a prelude to his inherited work Super Network Wars Omega (which combines Suikoden and pop culture). Gravure is the story of the childhood of what will be the two main characters in the SNWΩ. From a family-oriented setting, it will eventually lead to a school-life setting as it progresses.

While it is still in beta, I got interested on how the story will unfold — I only played it for 15 minutes though. My feedback for the local VN is that I don’t have to pick choices and just tap all the way, which is quite boring if you ask me. It also helps if DagitabSoft will use its own visuals instead of relying on Wikimedia Commons and his own camera for the scenery — I’m saying that he should commission an artist once he gets funds either as a donation or through his Patreon. So far, I have pointed out other errors on the spot so he knows the drill.

Sphero and Ollie are smartphone-controlled devices which connect via Bluetooth. Ollie is more of an off-road toy whereas Sphero is a toy and controller in one. Both can be bought at Hobbes and Landes.

Battle Arena

For the nth time around, our guys from The Reimaru Files and Play FM teamed up with various console game groups for the Battle Arena, in which I played… Mario Kart on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.

Vinyl turntable in action

It’s the first time that I saw a physical turntable which plays vinyl records at ToyCon thanks to K-Lite which is beside the battle arena. During Day 2, they shared their space with Digital5’s Tanods which brought with them their limited-edition notebooks (and I have a fistbump with Jun Sabayton as a souvenir). K-Lite and Play are part of Tiger 22’s radio network.

iflix gave us complimentary passes that we gave away to our readers.