What happens when the newest Japanese foodcourt gets its own cosplay event?

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Sundays are very hot. No exceptions. But if you imagine yourself at the newest Japanese food court, eating a big bowl of ramen and talking among your friends, it feels OK.

I went to Victory Food Market’s Yokocho Japanese Food Court not just to have a quick food trip but to check up on the venue’s first otaku event, Nihonfest 2017.

Yokocho is located at the 4th level, and is a long walk away from the LRT Baclaran station, just facing the Redemptorist Church compound. Just established this year, they have a gradual flow of visitors, according to one staff I spoke to.

As for the Nihonfest, they occupied parts of the 4th and 5th levels of the Food Market, but the event proper is at the penthouse.

The food inside Yokocho costs around Php200 at average — that is if you don’t use your eyes to check out the slashed-out food prices.

At first, I tried the barest minimum of miso soup and Japanese rice for Php38 and I don’t like that one guy who stared at me just before I eat. I’m sure he doesn’t have any ill intention though.

The tantanmen I ate at Ramen Chidori (at a low price of Php100) is so delicious — and it even has free rice with it. Its spiciness is mild, just fine for my taste.

As much as I want to share my two cents on the food court’s ambiance, I don’t think I can — because I haven’t really went to a food court like this before. Maybe I can celebrate my birthday here, I guess?

What I am happy about the place is that it’s a good spot for planespotting, trainspotting and crowdspotting — as you can see in some of the photos below.

While I didn’t expect that much of a hype during Nihonfest, I’m looking forward to be back at Yokocho and try other meals.

Here’s the photos from the event — including cosplayers — to cap off this post. See you soon!