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Welcome to Wonderland’s Online Tea Party!

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I have been invited to attend Welcome to Wonderland‘s online tea party last Sunday, August 28, 2022. This is the prelude to the much-awaited event for Lolita, Harajuku and J- Fashion enthusiasts happening around two weeks after. This 4-hour online event was attended by around 50 guests and visitors.

Featured guests in the online party include Japanese Shironui artist Minori, Japanese artist and lolita fashion enthusiast Midori Yusa, stage, screen, and voice artist Maronne Cruz, fashion blogger Sanakan, kimono stylist Krystof, and the Yu-En Cosplay tandem of Den and Ayu. The finalists for the Fashion and Art competitions were also announced at this event.

W2W Guest Profiles

Interesting discussions on Lolita and J-Fashion culture, such as how did the guests got introduced to it, what’s their latest look, and how are they continuing the J-Fashion vibe until now.

Welcome to Wonderland’s Grand Tea Party will happen at Otacute’s Wall Street Events Place in Manila this Saturday, September 10. Activities include the J-Music competition, the Swap Meet, and a Fashion Show. Featured guest performers for the Grand Tea Party include Jan, the newly-established idol group FESTA (debut performance), and KiraKiraKat (who also hosted the online party alongside Fancy Moi’s Franz Uy).

For more information and how to attend the physical event, visit Welcome to Wonderland on Facebook. The online is organized by Fancy Moi! and Yu-En Cosplay/Lolita Memoires.