Welcome Back, Coco and Haachama!: Desk Diary – October 19, 2020

They say, “If you cannot accept me at my worst, then you don’t deserve me at my best.” This is very true of my love-hate relationship with Hololive.

As the most popular agency for virtual YouTubers in Japan, they get a lot of attention – both in good and bad contexts.

We’ve just survived a three-week drought where we don’t hear more of Kiryu Coco and Haachama due to cross-strait relations. There’s misinformation and disinformation about this case but they made it clear that they are only doing their best to protect their talents, whom have trusted them so much.

Remember when Shirakami Fubuki said (this is me paraphrasing) that she’s ready to leave Hololive Production if she doesn’t trust it anymore?

On another note, I got a glimpse of Hoshimachi Suisei’s 500,000-subscriber 3D Live. I consider myself lucky as I got in the stream just in time to see Sui-chan and AZKi do a duet – with overflowing emotions. I can see at that point that the mutual understanding between the two have been reflected in this stream.

Prior to that, I get to see Sui-chan and Matsuri do Saint Snow’s “Believe Again.” This, after Saint Snow’s nee-san Asami Tano guested on Sui-chan’s radio show.

I live for these moments.

Let me be reminded once again that Hoshimachi Suisei is a rags-to-riches story of how an independent VTuber can be part of a huge organization such as Hololive.

Last Sunday, I filed in my opinion on Hololive on Animazing Show’s “Animazing Community,” uttering my advice to not get stuck too much with Hololive as there are other virtual YouTubers waiting to be seen.

As soon as you read this, you must already know that I’m not worthy of being a supporter. Feel free to call me a hypocrite for having a love-hate relationship, but this is human.

Moving on, I am saying this again: I am here to be entertained, for I am a human being who needs emotional support. Those who say that they don’t need emotional support are outright lying. I get my emotional support from the things that I do and the things I’m into – that includes VTubers.

I am human, and so are they – this is even attested by one of them.

That said, congratulations to Haachama and Coco. Welcome back. Now back to more of Asacoco.

As for Haachama, I know someone who is her number one fan, and I’ve seen him do great things. His name is KENE BELELELELE– okay, okay, I hope to see his streams on Twitch as soon as I’m done with this heavy work load (which forced me to suspend operations for the podcast and vlogs until I have more free time to do so).

Aside from going back to blogging, I’ll keep up with my weekly Animazing Show segment so do like my Facebook page to get updated.

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