Website Optimization: Desk Diary – March 12, 2021

Gone are the days when you won’t mind how your site loads. Google has just made Website Optimization a priority.

Google has this measurement called Core Web Vitals. This is Google’s unified guide to a better user experience. Core Web Vitals guides webmasters what they need to improve upon.

Just recently, Core Web Vitals have been added to Google’s measurements to determine who will be on the front page of a Google search. This means a lot for webmasters – so much that Google representatives have to explain further.

On my end, I stumbled upon this measurement called Lighthouse. It’s on Microsoft Edge too, a Chromium-based browser. It tests the site’s performance – how fast it loads, and does it bode well with search engines and screen readers.

Luckily for me, I’m using a theme which has a child theme and plenty of customization features. Since yesterday, mobile users will be seeing the AMP-flavored keepsakes., devoid of custom fonts as well as images on the homepage.

For those on Desktop, you can still see keepsakes. as usual – I just made it faster.

One cause of websites loading slow is the loading of JavaScript and CSS side-by-side with the loading of the web page. JavaScripts help in adding function to the site, and CSS gives it certain styles.

After further tweaking, I decided to change how my site is being optimized. The result: Results went very well.

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