“We love Hanayo — and Rice”

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…says the 30 or so people inside the Rice Party held January 21

Rice for the Rice Queen.

This is the words of praise for the idol of the Rice Cult, Hanayo Koizumi.

The thing is, Hanayo doesn’t know this. Also, I made that up.

Forty keks.

While my stay at Red Monster Cafe was brief, what I can tell about the first-ever local birthday party dedicated to Hanayo is this: Kanin. Rice. Rice is life. Rice is carbohydrates, which is turned into energy.

No really, the rice party is an OK event for me.

Here are the highlights:

  • I joined their Rice Quiz. I just tried. Actually, I’d rather not join again because I’m the only one which did not gain even a single point — and if I did, it just so happens that I have slow reflexes and the point went to someone else. As Chika Takami said, “So frustrating!” It was all about Hanayo, and not even a single thing about its voice actress Yurika Kubo. Hakhak.
  • The cover group Dreamcatchers are there, dancing to the tune of LoveLive! songs. They joined last year’s Best of Anime Idol Dance Competition where my (always) bet Seishun Kakumei won. Apparently, they also rooted for SK. Here I was thinking that the competition’s a big deal, hakhak.
  • Red Monster’s onigiri is served as part of the. I felt that the onigiri may need a little bit more of the filling, but that’s just me.
  • They even had a cake made for the party.
  • Of course no LoveLive! party will be complete without cosplayers — I know some of them, and they are fans of Hanayo talaga.

It’s not yet sure when will be the next Rice Party as the organizers are adulting, but if they will be doing it again, why will I not join? After all, we are stuck together by one thing an one thing: Rice… and Hanayo herself.

Long Live, our Rice Queen. *clucks*