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We asked you: Will you spend more than Php150 for a ticket?

You are preeeeety much aware of the ticket prices nowadays — Php100.00 is no longer a standard due to increasing costs of organizing events (this is what you call ‘inflation’). Since you’re among our valued Deremoe readers, you should know that we are keen on events — to the point of bashing them.

Moving on, we asked a question over at our Facebook page — “Will you spend more than Php150 for a ticket inside an event?”

Based on more or less 20 responses that we got as of this post, 93% of you agreed, while 3% of you implied that you don’t want to pay more for an event, or it depends on the situation.

Here’s some of the responses what we’d like to share with you.

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“Are you enjoy?” Definitely.


We have this never-ending discussion about crowd control, and this just exemplifies it.

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Events are one of the places where you could spend your cash and be fulfilled. He went to both days of Best of Anime and he’s fulfilled.

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To which Al replies, “Do you think going to vacations are free?” For this one, I’ll just take this comment as a No.


There we go with the Team Oppai again. Moving back to Adrian’s comment, if crowd filtering is the reason why ticket prices should increase, then it’s the organizers’ right to do so — one thing’s for sure, some of us still haven’t learned proper manners as we interact with people in events.


True enough. Hey, if you can’t get what you have paid for, what’s the sense of increasing ticket prices?

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Most of you were thinking that SMX Manila inside the Mall of Asia Complex is the appropriate venue for these events, but please do take note that they aren’t alone — there’s the World Trade Center, and there’s the Philippine International Convention Center (which we believe has a hefty rental fee).

That’s just some responses that we have received as we asked that question, and more shall come soon.