World Cosplay Summit Philippines 2018 is on!

Get to know the dates for the qualifier legs

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It’s that time once again for the World Cosplay Summit Philippines Qualifiers season, and I proposed to the WCSPH Committee my concept of laying out the coverage of the different legs which will happen in the country. The result is the image in the right.

This concept has been approved by the Committee, and you can see how they did it below.

It’s really the things you do for love, no matter how busy you are, that make you satisfied, I guess? I give my heartfelt appreciation to the WCSPH Committee for this, and looking forward to see them in Davao soon.

Let me know if you have feedback on this post and I shall get back to you. Prior to this, I consulted with the WCSPH team on the data that I have posted here. Looking forward to see you at the Nationals!

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