WCS 2016: 30 teams in 2 groups vie for 16 finals slots

We have yet to see our team’s profile on the World Cosplay Summit website, but that can wait.

This year’s World Cosplay Summit must be the hardest so far.

ust a quick update on World Cosplay Summit 2016 — last year, the Championships was held on just one Saturday, but now, things have changed.

Take a look at this photo shared by the World Cosplay Summit Philippines (WCSPH) on Facebook (above) — there are two groups, Group A and Group B. The Philippines is in Group B, #25 on the sequence. Each group has 15 country-teams.

It is stated that only eight (8) teams will be selected from each group to compete in the championship the next day (Sunday, August 7th). To think that they won’t go run for two whole days, I have to adjust my schedule.

What I am anxious about is the fact that the Philippines will go on against 14 other teams in the group they’re with. I’m pretty sure that this will be much, much tougher for our Team StarSeeker — and they need more of our support to help them push their limits.

Now let me place here the promo image I did just now as a show of support for our Team Philippines this year, which is similar to the ones I did for Team NCR during the National Finals.

Photo taken from the event documentation (that is also posted in the World Cosplay Summit Facebook)— Get the image here: https://db.tt/tilTX6PQ

P.S.: They post updates on their Facebook pageGo like and follow them for updates.

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This post is updated August 6 after the rules were set in the start of the semifinals, clarifying how many teams per group will be selected for the finals.