Otaku Expo Reload 2017

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WATCH: OTAKU EXPO RELOAD 2017 [Jay Agonoy / keepsakes.]

It’s been two weeks since I was at Megamall but it felt like I left the place for a long time as I go from one event to another throughout that time. Now that the events are over, it’s time to treat myself to Otaku Expo Reload 2017 at the SM Megamall Megatrade Hall 1 and 2.

After a few personal commitments, I went inside late (around 5:00pm) and did a quick tour of the event first — after that, I realized that there were a far few cosplayers on that day (which means I have less photos to show all of you), but the good thing about this is that the organizer Otakuzine Anime Magazinecontinues its partnership with TokuSpirits to bring in the event’s nostalgia feel.

The guests Ryousuke Kaizu (or Kazunori Inaba)Kei ShindachiyaEi HamuraMichiko MakinoToshihide Wakamatsu and Kenta Sato, from various tokusatsu series of ye olde times, were present to meet their fans (and they even same to their respective series’ theme songs, which is great). I was able to shake hands with some of the guests just after they performed on stage.

I’ve told this to Otakuzine GM and IRL godfather Dennis Uy and I will say it again — they and TokuSpirits should continue their partnership.

(Just this morning I learned that this will no longer happen — Kaizu posted his concerns, to which Dennis replied. All that I had to ask to myself is “Why?”)

“Look, Aki — which of us do you think this dress will fit?” Prior to entering the Expo, I saw cosplayers donning Eriri and Utaha at Hall 3, in which I thought of the concept where Aki will be embarrassed once he sees this take. It turned out pretty good — even I will be embarrassed to pick among Eriri and Utaha (I’m with Kato though).

Aside from taking photos of Cosplayers, I tried going to the Ragnarok-themed Kafra Cafe and got myself a hot drink. I got my first experience in an eating contest there; good times. (More of these on the video if you haven’t watched it.)

After the Event

  1. Astolfo, being the trending character of the Fate/ series by this quarter so far, had had his fans done damage online — most especially in Google search results. I’ve been told by comrade Nero that this is a work of one of his students when he was an instructor.
  2. I joined comrade Naru and her long-time comrade at Hoshimaru located at the SM Megamall Food Court. Around Php150 can get you a full curry katsu meal with drinks; the curry‘s spice is not mild, yet it is much delicious than the katsu. Nice curry is nice.

Other Photos

Also, see you at #iBlog13 at the UP College of Law this September 2. I will be discussing why fellow bloggers should go beyond the blog itself.