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VTuber Meet and Greet, or an Interview?

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History has been made when Lyrica and Kaheru were set as guests for a local event.

These two VTubers are guests for’s second FanFes Online event held on the last weekend of May 2021. What’s more is that they had a meet and greet.

For a VTuber simp fanatic like me, this is a good chance for me to meet and greet them. Just like others, I have no idea how to approach them now that I can get a degree closer. Here’s what’s in my mind:

  1. Should I get giddy and squeal at the top of my lungs and be manic and look messy and yabai, or
  2. Take this chance to actually talk to two of the popular VTubers in the country, or
  3. Just ask them questions and use it as a content for the blog.

I chose number two.

Prior to securing a slot for Sunday’s meet and greet, I had to re-read the event’s guidelines for two more times. I mean, if you don’t read the rules very well, you won’t be able to secure a slot.

I ended up buying merch the same way I read the rules. Worse, all purchases are one-time and have a fixed delivery fee.

I forgot these things when I was admitted to the meet and greet area. Alongside us VTuber fans are two couples that I ship the most in the community: Nari & Minato, and Doc Shiori & Sir Wheatbread.

I swear, Sir Wheatbread is – put this on record – the simp-est of all local VTubers. He’s a bread who cosplays too. I wonder if what he’s doing is considered as crossdressing, given that his costumes are either based on Doc or guest Lyrica.

You can put him or his face anywhere though. That’s just being bread, I guess.

Moving back to the meet and greet, I took my time at Kaheru’s session, where I asked her one simple question: How in the world do you make good memes that stick to people’s heads?

If I understood it correctly, she just wakes up having those ideas… At three in the morning? Looks familiar.

While I spent less time at Kaheru’s (because I am so conflicted what to say to Kaheru, or ask – she’s a pioneer and I respect her for it so much that I became somehow introverted at this point), I spent more time at Lyrica’s.

Your 69-year-old retired magical girl required us to open our cameras, which could mean one of two things:

  1. She wants face-to-face interactions, or
  2. She wants you documented.

Don’t open your camera, and Lola is said to force you to do so. As for me, you’ve seen my face enough, so no problem.

Another thing to point out is that Lola has a lot of stories to share, and consumes more than a minute allotted for chika.

Well, this is the first time Lyrica did a meet and greet session, and as one of the faces of VTubing in the Philippines (albeit being based in Canada), I can’t let the chance to ask questions pass.

What was supposed to be a meet and greet turned into an interview. The tables have turned for the VTuber who is celebrating her anniversary soon.

I had to be quick in setting the right expectations and making a photo finish. I asked two questions after we greeted each other. Here’s a gist (which I am editing for brevity):

Jay (J): I’m impressed with your Noli me Tangere readings sa Discord, how did you think of that?

Lyrica (L): (It’s for) Linggo ng Wika, right?

J: Yes, for Linggo ng Wika, so how did you think of making your audience read Noli me Tangere?

L: I didn’t (have) Noli me Tangere in the Philippines, but I know my classmates get nosebleed reading Noli me Tangere because they are explaining (its contents) … before, there was Skype, they have a group chat where they talk to each other while they do homework, then in there you translate the lines in the book and then explain it in your own words.

So, I was like, thinking, this sounds fun. (giggles) This sounds fun on stream. Like, I know Filipinos are fond of recitations and stuff, so I tested the waters, but I didn’t expect it to be fun. […]

For the rest of Lyrica’s answer, I’ll let Lyrica say it in her next streams. No rats here.

J: Thank you (for the answer); I have one more before my time runs out – Since you are on Facebook already, were you surprised in people’s reactions when you post your clips, memes and all?

L: Yes (giggles) … I have a disconnect between Canada and the Philippines, right, so I try to be relatable as possible, and for me, when I see the people’s reaction that they can relate as well, it means a lot; it makes me happy as well (giggles) that they could understand what I feel.

Capping off the meet and greet, I thanked Lyrica for roasting Domo – to which, she said a resounding “What?!”

As we participants gather together in the meet and greet lobby, we had quite a lot of fun asking more questions for Lyrica and Kaheru. I especially had a treat because there’s other VTubers in attendance.

If has plans to get more VTubers for meet and greets in the future, please get Pomu Rainpuff of Nijisanji EN so I can Myohontusuke with her. Also, if they can package the whole meet and greet experience, that will make me decided much faster and not hesitate.

That’s all for now. Say cheese!