VitaBears are Chewable Vitamins

VitaBears is a Great Example of Chewable Vitamins

Hi friends! VitaBears approached me to try their lineup of chewable dietary vitamin supplements. I said yes, and they sent two jars to my place. On this post, allow me to share my two cents on these chewable vitamins. Do take note that I am not a health professional of any sort, I am here to discuss why chewable vitamins are here to stay.

The first known example of chewable vitamins dates back to 1968 when it was targeted for kids and is based on a popular cartoon series. It’s shaped like the cartoon characters and tastes like candy. Normally, you take vitamin supplements in the form of pills.

VitaBears are Chewable Vitamins

I take vitamin supplements too, but I am allured with what VitaBears offers. Imagine this: Chewable. Gummy. Vitamin. Supplements. If you are not young-at-heart (or, in some cases, have challenges taking vitamin supplements), then you won’t get the younger me.

Sure, I’d take vitamins in pills, but the way VitaBears did this is targeted to specific kinds of people. “Vitamins don’t have to be a chore to take,” they said. Their lineup of vitamin supplements includes Detox, Flawless Glow, Super-C Booster, Fat Buster, Skin and Hair Vitamins. All of these vitamins have their own benefits for those who lack such.

  • VitaBears Detox Vitamins 2
  • VitaBears fat buster
  • VitaBears flawless glow
  • VitaBears Skin
  • VitaBears Super C

Each jar contains 60 pieces of vegan gummies, for 30 servings. That’s a month of gummies, by the way. I have the Detox and Flawless Glow vitamins with me, and I am happy to chew these vitamins in.

Normally, you have to swallow a pill and drink water to push it. With VitaBears, you can chew the vitamins and then drink water to digest it in. You don’t get that feeling of something in your throat. This is what I meant as a great example of a chewable vitamin supplement.

Testimonials show that taking VitaBears chewable vitamins have its benefits. Some have felt less hair fall, their nails and skin improve, and good sleep, among other positive effects as they take VitaBears.

The only downside of this is that it gets kind of addictive, so here’s the tip (based on the label): Two gummies once a day, on an empty stomach or as recommended by your health professional. Each set of vitamins have their supplement facts detailing what’s inside each gummy.

To recap, the benefit of taking chewable vitamins like VitaBears is that it gives you the nutrients you need without that feeling when you take a pill. I am happy that I tried VitaBears because they make taking vitamins less of a chore and more of a fun thing to do. This is best when you want to make taking vitamins a habit.

In conclusion, VitaBears are great examples of Chewable Vitamins. Compare this to other vitamin supplements in the market and the difference is simple: Chewable. Vitamin. Supplements.

Made in South Korea and distributed in the Philippines and Philippine FDA Certified, VitaBears is being sold through distributors across major parts of the country as well as Shopee and Lazada. To know more about VitaBears, visit or check out their Instagram.

Special thanks to Danielle and the VitaBears team for sending me their vitamins for this review.

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