Valvrave the Liberator: On Vampires, Independence and poor execution.

Originally published at Deremoe on May 17, 2013.

I watched the first five episodes of Valvrave the Liberator because (1) I’ve got nothing to watch, (2) I’m curious about this show, and (3) Anton‘s* hime-cut fetish. Here are my thoughts about the series so far.

Poor Execution

In the first episode, I’ve seen poor execution with my two eyes. That moment when the main character Haruto Tokishima sits in the Valvrave and tries to set it up, and he’s like, “Darn, make this work!” and does not notice the screen prompt in front of him. I can understand the feeling of panic and adrenaline rush that he has, but I should be able to notice the screen after ten seconds and think about it.

He noticed the prompt after two minutes or so.


I’ve noticed the trend on series / titles / wut not with Vampires as a theme, but this is not that blatant.

The preys won’t even turn into zombies — it’s just like that Haruto gets summoned in another body through a bite in the shoulder like what what Vampires do, but it does not lave any side-effects on it. Also, this guy’s wounds are going off easily, a proof that he “resigned as a human.”


I’d like to commend Shouko Sashinami for thwarting L-Elf‘s prophecy. L-Elf must have thought that his plans are perfect — well then, you got your match bro. Shouko saying that the Valvrave will be a hostage to both warring states of ARUS and Dorssia. Being a daughter of a president is good after all.

Also, their idea of being so independent that they sliced of their platoon away from the logistical connections is unique.

Other Notes

  • Now, I was thinking about ARUS and Dorssia, and I’ve thought that the series is hinting the possibility of the Cold War escalating to the real war.
  • Dorssia’s pawn robots’ designs are actually good. They don’t have legs, but they have a unique design compared to Gundam‘s Zaku.
  • Setting your expectations that I’ve watched little Gundam series to none, may I ask: Is Blitzendengen same as Sieg Zeon?
  • I like that the two states are described in a nutshell in the beginning of Episodes 3 and 4.
  • L-Elf is acting like a forced Kyubey, isn’t he?
  • I miss Code Geass.
  • I believe this is yet another case of mad scientists telling their sons to pilot the mecha when the time comes.
  • Nana Mizuki and T.M.Revolution sang the opening theme, while angela sang the ending theme. As with any Sunrise anime, the JPop powerhouse will take the spotlight.

In the end, will I watch Valvrave the Liberator until the end? I still don’t know; but I took a liking in this series. Will I recommend this to you? Yes, for a lack of word.

* Anton is referred to as @ojouzuki.