Vaccine Con 2021: Desk Diary – September 24, 2021

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Desk Diaries are still here. It’s been a long time since I wrote one.

It’s my birthday today, so I am taking a rest from work. I’m also kinda tipsy from the 2nd jab of the Moderna vaccine at Vaccine-con. I will refer to it as such because “Mega Vaccination Area” at SM Megatrade Hall is a mouthful to speak of.

Besides, I missed Megatrade Hall so much – it’s been a home to many, many, many events. For this entry, let me be delirious until I can.

Vaccine Con day 2 is where I got my souvenir – a second dose. Just like most convention at Megatrade, we got in line before the mall opens. We got our tickets, which is the vaccination cards we got from Day 1, our first dose.

Unlike any convention, Vaccine Con is where I will need to entertain myself on our own terms. I’m glad that data connection’s ok, so I kept myself glued to YouTube. After lining up and confirming my profile for almost three hours, I got my second jab.

I’ve been alerted that if I survived the first dose unscathed, the second vaccine dose will knock me out. Just like convention hangover, it did. Joint pains, headache, chills, hunger, etc., just around 12 hours after the jab.

The next day proved to be annoying as I have to be on the ground for a virtual event on Zoom, but I survived it nevertheless.

Today is also the day I went back to that story on Japan Video Topics where kids get hands-on on adulting, just like the concept of KidZania (which by the way is still present in other countries, even if they’re no longer in the Philippines).

The title of the segment is “Children in Charge,” part of Japan Video Topics 2003 Volume 6. This segment is played mostly by TV networks who has spare time to show educational content. It’s no longer in circulation, but I’m placing an unofficial source below:

I watched a video from an unofficial source again, only to realize that I’m familiar with the organization who helped set it up: Junior Achievement.

The project is called “JA Student City,” which in this video is implemented in Shinagawa, a special ward in Tokyo.

I know Junior Achievement because as a professional I was asked to give advice to students of a JA-supported private school in Dagupan. They gave me a mug as a token, which I am using to this day.

To think that they spearheaded this project, I’d love to see this shown again on television. Sure, we can’t do this physically in these days, but soon enough, I’d love to share experiences to younger people.

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