TV5’s Ana Perez: “We are committed to the Anime genre”

TV5’s Ana Perez: “We are committed to the Anime genre”

(A post published on Deremoe in February 2015)

During the 1st De La Salle University (DLSU) Communication Conference held in their Taft Avenue, Manila Campus, we were able to get in touch with TV5‘s Vice President and Head of Creative Services Ana Perez about the AniMEGA block.

In that quick instance, we only asked a question: TV5 has acquired Anime titles for broadcast, and will it continue in the near future? “Yes, we re committed to supporting the Anime genre,” Perez said.

Following that, TV5 AniMEGA aired on the prime time slot in its inception in 2008, and it eventually had weekend re-runs. Now, the 2015 AniMEGA block runs on the morning slot, where we assume that the target audience is not yet awake, something that we . As a suggestion, will it be possible again to have the block aired on weekday nights? If not, will it be possible to move the slot to the afternoon slot? “Malabo yata sa [weekday] evenings, but weekends [afternoon slot], I will suggest it.”

Perez spoke about the Impact of Telenovelas in the Philippine Society as part of the conference’s Breakout Session “Philippine TV Philippine Society and Media,” sharing insights on the said genre. She also mentioned during the Q&A session that the network is no longer making drama series anymore since they tend to be too repetitive, thus doing what the opposite of the other major networks as they position themselves as the “Happy Network.”

According to the latest AGB-Nielsen ratings from February 9 to 15, 2015 posted on the Philippine Entertainment Portal, on the weekend of February 15 to 15, 2015, the AniMEGA block is still on the third slot when it come to the big three terrestrial television networks’ audience shares.