new exclusive heroes

Triple Chain Mobile celebrates Mid-Autumn Festival

Shoutout to those who have been lured by Triple Chain Mobile last Collecticon: The game just released its Mid-Autumn festival.

…actually, I was in the middle of transition when they sent the details last September 12. Nevertheless, here are the details sent to me:

new exclusive heroes

New mythological heroes, Hou Yi, and Chang E will be introduced along with Mid-Autumn Events. Players will obtain more rewards by summoning these exclusive and event limited heroes to complete the Mid-Autumn Events.

In selected maps, enemies will spawn continuously to seize Mooncakes. Players should wipe out the enemies to defend them! Forge powerful weapons for Hou Yi and Chang E when more Mooncakes are collected!

water element can change into fire element

Link heroes for explosive power!

Team Combination Strategy is one of TripleChain Mobile’s stand out feature! Different combinations of Heroes result in different attack effects.

By linking other heroes, one can trigger assist skills such as switch attack, heal, larger attack range and more! Players are free to mix and match the strongest team members based on the different challenge requirements to wipe out monsters!

obtain magnificient rewards

Real-time PvP to claim heroes!

Another highlight of TripleChain Mobile is its PvP mode. Players from different regions are all connected to spar and to seek out their true strength.

Players ought to send their strongest team and take the best route to defeat their opponents within the time limit. Epic rewards will be given based on the accumulated score after the end of the season!

Don’t miss your chance to be at the top ranks among the best players in the TripleChain Mobile’s world ranking!

raid battle teamwork is the key

Multiplayer raid that challenges teamwork!

Except for PvP mode, players can team up against enemies in the raid feature! There’ll be 3 players in a team, but only 1 hero chosen from each to fight against monsters based on different battle conditions.

Apart from attacking with your own hero, you may also attack with your teammate’s hero. Would you trust your teammate in making strategic moves?

This exciting mode will challenge put your teamwork skills to the test! Bring out your competitive side with your teammates to win each raid!

To recap, apart from adding heroes, Triple Chain Mobile also adds PvP and Multiplayer Raid Options. Where this puzzle strategy RPG game is leading to? You shall find out by playing the game, available on Google Play and App Store.

Speaking of Collecticon, the “Triple Chain at Collecticon 2019” video is already up on YouTube:

Thanks to Cubizone for sending in the details! Good luck to all Triple Chainers!

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