Travel Tour Expo 2016

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“I wish this was real.”

I still dream of going abroad for vacation, you know…

…so I went to the PTAA Travel Tour Expo at the SMX Convention Center, Mall of Asia, Pasay today and the first thing I saw was the Visit Japan Pavilion — and seriously, I thought that the Japan National Tourism Organization is full-force as they got the train guys, some of the airport guys, and of course the tourism guys. Also, they got AEON with them. (AEON owns Ministop, which has a Philippine license granted to Robinsons Retail Holdings. See also the AEON Credit Service that also operates locally.)

Earlier, they featured the Gifu Prefecture. Among the activities at the Pavilion slated for tomorrow is a Yosakoi presentation (shout-out to Hanayamata).

Among the other eye-catching areas in the event are those of Thailand, South Korea, the Philippines and Hong Kong.

Speaking of Thailand, they have this rice pudding demo-slash-free-tasting activity that I missed because I need to get home early.

Before we forget, Malaysia’s booth has an F1 simulator of sorts.

To sum it up, the first day is unexpectedly jam-packed for me as I went on a Friday…which means everyone coming in this weekend get really ready.

Here are other pictures from outside the Mall of Asia area, still inside the Complex.

Lastly, here’s a closer shot of what National Book Store’s new look. Unlike its predecessor, its “N” is slightly different. They also got a new font for the “Book Store,” which is quite familiar to the Gotham font family if you ask me.