Travel Madness Expo — 8 July 2016

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Last February, I went to the Travel Tour Expo at the SMX Manila. This July, I went to see the 5th Travel Madness Expo at the same spot. I think that’s something. Here are the photos from the event earlier.

Taiwan Tourism Bureau

I was able to try out their simple dessert — shaved ice, sugar syrup, beans and condensed milk. It was delicious even if the ice had already melted minutes later.

Japan Pavilion

This is the sole reason that made me want to go inside — the Japan Pavilion, where I feel that there’s a cosplay event going on.


I thought it’s only in Japan where there are portable, rent-able WiFi modems, but here I am stumbling upon SkyRoam. It costs around Php500 a day, according to the attendant whom I spoke to.

Let’s cap off the day with these photos. I’m going on a walk tomorrow, and I hope to bring you photos by night.