Too old to program?: Desk Diary – January 23, 2021

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I’m getting too stressed with work these days that I want to distract myself from it. I’ll get back to work tasks once I’m satisfied.

For this break, I decided to redo my side project anicredits, which is a tool I may find useful for writers/bloggers/what not who want to properly add copyright text to authorized images, etc. Here’s a piece from long time ago. detailing why I did it

The initial site was built using Angular.js 1.3.6 and UIKit, both of which I have cherished so much.

I didn’t thought that after 10 years of building it, Angular.js will be discontinued in favor of Web development sure has gone too long for me. I can’t even call myself a programmer knowing that things have become more complicated. So I whine.

I asked Al what’s his preferred framework – he told me it’s ReactJS with TailwindCSS and asked me to start from the boilerplate.

I’ve searched for similar examples which I think I can replicate through and then ReactJS. I was merely editing these files on online IDEs but unfortunately things have become way too evolutionary that I had to install Visual Studio Code.

I am happy with how Visual Studio Code works, and perhaps that’s the only good thing in updating your code to the latest standards. The rest was terrible – I tried replicating a function, it works, then I tried to put another function to it and then it won’t work at all.

Worse, I have to install dependencies. I don’t know with you, but I think downloading dependencies is a waste of time and resources. I get it, we need to cherry-pick the functions we need to implement in order to make our sites load faster, but I see the node_modules folder and I see it as a pain in the ass.

If the goal of developing using the ReactJS or Angular of today is to not have the code replicated too easily, I understand that. As you build the app, it throws in a working straight line of spaghetti.

But since I’ve decided that this is too far for a simple break, I just made a cosmetic change in my current working build, and you can see the site here, ready to be filled with the needed curated data. That’s another task for another break.

I’m still keen on doing this JavaScript thing even if it pains me, so I’ll get back to the lessons I had on Codecademy and stop treating StackOverflow as the end-all, be-all for my problems as soon as things cool down.

P.S.: Here’s the draft of the whole shebang I was supposed to make. I’ll need to re-learn everything about JavaScript if I want to have this done, as I felt there’s much more potential to it.

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