Today’s Photo — 23 October 2016

Marlo (left) and Carlo (right) Magtibay at the Animax Carnival Philippines 2016 taken last October 16 at SMX Manila.

This was supposed to be a simple Instagram post, but since I have written a long narrative, I decided to post this as part of the “Photo/s of the Day” on keepsakes.

The Magtibay twins Marlo and Carlo, along with Jan Michael Buensuceso (Jamibu), are the people behind the ZEN [Otaku Honbu]. As far as I remember, I got introduced to ZEN after reading through what people are talking about TV5’s AniMEGA Block. I think I was in high school when I joined in the ZEN forums, in which the twins serve as moderators.

ZEN is the predecessor to Anime Pilipinas (officially abbreviated as APN), and prior to the change, the forum is managed by the staff who will eventually lead APN to what it is now.

Speaking of APN, it was supposed to be set up as the Filipino-language segment of ZEN, but then it failed to flourish as planned. There’s this thing about people (like me) who wanted to bring in discussions on anime in our vernacular to no avail (I tried it as well with a supposed-to-be-launched website project as a consultant, but then it was hard to manage a busy staff so everything when under before it saw the light).

I believe their proudest moment is to have their names printed in a tabloid’s showbiz section — I believe it’s a struggle to have your name mentioned in print, more so if you’re looking to see your name as a byline on a major broadsheet.

Nowadays, the twins are also taking part in the events scene — if you’ve seen the Eureka Fest series of events in Laguna, chances are you’ll see them running around stuff. I have yet to see them in action, but who knows, I might attend one of their events — the PNR’s there to bring me to Laguna.