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Three Places — 17 January 2016

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I was able to get to three places — Pasig, Pateros, and Taguig. Here are some of the photos that I took.

Pasig City

I always like to take a picture of this part of the Manggahan Floodway. I’ve done this in more ways than one.


It’s quite funny that I was able to pass by Pateros without realizing I left it. It’s quite odd for me. I should’ve gone and tasted their delicacies as well.


…and after passing by Pateros, I only realized that I’m in Taguig after seeing the Starmall Prima, which is basically a big AllHome store with food tenants in it.

I’d take better photos of airplanes flying over Taguig in half a decade’s time. By that time, I can see more places around Cayetano Avenue.

Market! Market!, Taguig

Among other photos I took, this is the one I felt concerned the most. I won’t tell more about why I took it, just take a look — donation boxes being substituted as trash bins for Timezone tickets.

SM Aura Premier, Taguig

My last stop for the evening is the SM Aura Premier, which thankfully has places to take photos with.

I wonder where should I go next.