Three Cities — 19 March 2016

It’s been a busy Saturday once more as I went to three cities today. My objective was supposed to be:

  1. To buy the same pair of shoes that I got in Recto,
  2. To visit the ToyCon Launchpad at the UP Town Center,
  3. To check out the Food Fair at the Megatrade Hall in Mandaluyong,
  4. To promote the PMA Summer Expo on DZME 1530kHz AM studios in Ortigas,
  5. To check out Arkadymac’s 3rd Anniversary in Makati.

So far, I’ve only done three out of five tasks over the span of 13 hours.

Recto, Manila

It’s been a year since I bought a pair of shoes in Recto (I believe that was around before the New Year popped out), and that pair of shoes lasted for more than a year.

While waiting for the shoe stores to open, here’s the pictures that I took.

I wasn’t able to get a picture of the new pair that I got (I just used that after buying), but I can tell you that it’s a Sprinter top-sider that is only available there (I was told but the clerk, but based on the shoe box, it’s made in Novaliches and not in Marikina, which was a surprise to me).

I don’t remember my shoe size so I just went in with the size that fits me first (not knowing that in the long run it feels loose, but then again human feet grows over time, so no biggie).

Still, that pair of shows cost Php300 and it lasts for up to a year. I want to endorse that shoe if I have the chance.

DZME in Ortigas

For the PMA Summer Expo which will happen this March 29 to 31 at the Glorietta, I am sent to DZME’s studio in Pasig to be interviewed by one of the event’s media partners at the Voice of the Youth Network, and here are some shots with me and the hosts.

Arkadymac’s 3rd Year Anniversary in Makati

Lastly, I got to 121 Bar and Resto in Makati to celebrate Arkadymac’s 3rd year. It was a simple gathering, but it’s great to see friends get along with other friends.

Food, drinks and fun was served to everyone who attended the party.

Among all other blogs that I knew, Arkadymac has kept up with the latest events — and take note, they post it as soon as possible. Also, they don’t bother with issues unlike us, which makes the site a good kick-starter for those interested in cosplay. I hope they stay alive for more than a decade.

That’s a lot of images for today, but if you want to see other photos, I have uploaded it on as an album on my Flickr.