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I take leisure at Quezon City, and this is what happened

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U.P. Village’s Food Street. I only realized this place just a few walks away from the U.P. Shopping Center.

After Malcolm Hall, we walked through the U.P. Diliman Campus and stumbled upon a food street just a few walks away from the Shopping Center. I am joining the entourage of Back2Gaming’s BossMac (who is a panelist for one of the topics at iBlog12). There’s this shawarma stall that also serves siomai, and so I tried it with their chili sauce, which is so damn spicy I needed a drink. It’s ironically branded as “Delicious.”

It’s almost nighttime at U.P. Diliman when I joined my comrades — this time, to Cubao.

T’was the night of September 16, and we’ve just finished attending another great iBlog 12. To let the traffic subside for a while, I decided to join Reimaru Files’ Chad to Cubao Expo, where I was introduced to a place called Cosmic Gorgons and a game called Helldivers for the PS4.

As with games, I get too excited when I play so after one round I took a break. The last time I played a game, as far as I remember, I was playing CrazyKart when it was a trend back in 2011 or so.

One thing I like about Cosmic Gorgons, and Cubao X in general, is its nostalgia feeling. The last time I went there, I was looking at copies of the Mr. & Ms. Magazine at one thrift shop.


Cosmic Gorgons will have a Persona 4 event next week, and while I won’t be there due to the Parenting Summit in Pasig, I invite Persona fans to come there — and in costume, I say. September is really festive.