The Yang of the Community: GamerTotoy, SinRealm, etc.

This just in: One of the notable Cosplay critiques GamerTotoy will go on hiatus and offered the torch to those who would like to follow his steps. He has been voicing his outcry against the community since its inception for quite a long time, maybe less than a decade.

When GamerTotoy was first introduced to me by Mr. A, I was attached to Alodia (to the point that I stalked her, yes). Let’s see, after all that has been through, I am close to enlightment — and I would like to thank the effort of this guy, whoever he is, for posting these kinds of stuff. I am enjoying my community better now. I would also like to thank a certain blog called “SinRealm” for being an alternative when GT is out.

These people did not enjoy the community well, as I was saying, and they are sharing the frustration to those who can get their situation — thus making their own community. That is when we got news on the so-called “White Knights”, scammers being exposed, scuttles happening at events, etc. That is how they enjoy their community as far as I know. Not to mention that there are much vulgarity embedded in them, and let’s be honest with that.

Unfortunately, as the positives outlast the negatives, GT can’t handle the situation the community is into, and with the fact that he is also part of the working class, he announced a hiatus. So as SinRealm, which closed shop before the end of the year 2012.

Nevertheless, these people are the frontliners who spice up my day everytime I read something in their websites. These people are the yang of the community, and we need them. As mediawoman Luchi Cruz-Valdes say, ” If there’s no one speaking, nothing happens.”

So, I salute these people for being the yang of the community. They had with them the criticism of most of the community, but setting that aside, they also gained respect from most of the community as well.

Now, the only thing that we need to talk about is how to unite our community. Is it possible after all? I do not know yet. If the best is yet to come, then everybody will — and should — be happy.