The Top 10 Filipina Cosplayers according to “Ang Pinaka”

When I got tipped of the news about the March 15 episode of GMA News TV’s magazine show Ang Pinaka listing out ten (10) Filipina Cosplayers, I made sure that I will watch. For this post, I will use a subjective stance.

To begin with, the program’s panel include Marko Villaluz, Sam Beltran and Guy Singzon. Villaluz has participated the Cosplay Tournament of Champions as part of the Adventure Team years ago, wherein Singzon was among the hosts. Beltran wrote the “Top 20 Cosplayers to Watch Out for” article on When in Manila that drew the ire of yours truly.

The list is as follows:

  1. Alodia Gosiengfiao
  2. Myrtle Sarrosa
  3. Jin Joson
  4. Tza Gomez
  5. Ashley Gosiengfiao
  6. Stephanie Sumbe
  7. Kristell Lim
  8. Erika Garbin (Ae Ri)
  9. Jessica Ouano
  10. Ayumi Kassinique

With the intention to dig deeper at the list, we compared the above-mentioned rank to that of When in Manila. On the When in Manila list, Lim is # 17, Kassinique is # 7 and Ashley is on # 3.

It should also be noted that we have listed six on Ang Pinaka’s list who have been classified as models. While it is not my right to call the list out Cosplayers who are models — every Cosplayer is a model for a viewpoint — this fact should still be noted in good faith.