“The return of Digongland”

Digongland 2, featuring new works by H.U. Sison and guest artists

After its successful launch last year, H.U. Sison’s “Adventures in Digongland” exhibition gets its second run at the SM Megamall Art Center, which opened last Thursday.

I went there a day after it opened and talked to the visual artist… after finding myself amused with all these artworks.

The “Digongland” artwork where Duterte is mashed with Mickey Mouse spawned more versions, and he said that it was the most sought-after work from last year’s exhibit.

On this year’s exhibition, you can get the artwork in small, medium and large sizes.

Now, I’m not going to spoil every artwork in this post considering that I only have my phone with me, but I was able to get a few stories about some of the artworks.

This is from guest artist Jomark Merez — H.U. Sison said he’s 22, younger than me — and while I forgot the title of Merez’s work, I will interpret his work in three words:

The. Idiot. Box.

“Riding-in-Tandem”: This artwork really, really got my attention.

For his next artwork, he searched for an image that resembles the topic of “Riding in Tandem” and happens to stumble upon a photo of (based on the hairstyles) Yuuko Aioi and Nano Shinonome from Nichijou.

Then he started from there, building up to what will be the “Riding in Tandem” series (there are two of them).

I was laughing at myself as I saw this. Quite amusing to me, yes.

There are some artworks that shows the state of current affairs in and out of the country (for example, the US-NoKor word war and the Marawi Siege)…

…and there are artworks that resembles the sentiments of the majority…

…but I think this is the best of them all: Aptly titled “Lahat Ibagsak” (Overthrow Everything), this purely-text artwork also reflects my sentiments.

Select artworks are open for bidding, and (as far as I know) you can state your bid in the venue and they will tell you if you got it after the exhibition.

The Adventures in Digongland 2 exhibit will last until January 15th.

In case you want to know what’s in last year’s exhibit, you can read my post here:

On a side note: I was supposed to be at the Artist’s Reception today by invitation of H.U. Sison but I wasn’t able to make it, as much as I would like to.

Once he opens the call for art contributions, I may pitch in.

Looking forward to Digongland 3 already.