The New Ozine: Better? Better.

(Originally published at Deremoe on August 13, 2014.)

Of all the things I’ve said about the Anime Magazine industry, this is by far one of the positive things I will share in the course of God knows how many months it has been since I started to focus on this beat of what Al believes is a soon-to-be-dying industry.

During the end of the Otaku Expo Reload 2014, I saw someone holding the latest issue of Otakuzine (Issue # 2, with the Love Live! cover) and we borrowed it for a moment.

What happened afterwards is that the Local Otaku Media beside me also borrowed that copy. Here’s what we have seen on the new new (that’s not a typo) Ozine:

  • They are giving credits. In every page of the new new Ozine where there is an image from an Anime series, the credits are placed. This is not like Otaku Asia and K-Zone where they place all the credits for different series in just one page.
  • They now have a clear ratings system. You could see clearly the “Ozine Rating” box in the end of the review.
  • The magazine somehow has a different feel from its predecessor. I never saw bylines in the previous issues of Ozine before, but now they have placed bylines at each review — and not just “[Title]; requested by [name].” My intuition has it that Ozine did a recruitment drive at the PUP Otaku Experience at SM Sta. Mesa.

This made me curious to look at the first issue of the new new Ozine again to check it, and I can say that they have, for a lack of word, improved. If Ozine will continue this, they can actually rise again in the duopoly — though going digital and organizing events well are of different stories.

In other news, we’ve followed up to Otakuzine in regards to their Ozine Plus membership and what we understand from them is that development has been quite slow, so we can’t expect that Ozine will launch it soon.