The Ketchup Club Marikina

  • Food

While I was on my duty for the Digital TV Summit for both the advocacy organization DTV Pilipinas and my company, I decided to give the org’s co-founder Kyle a visit. They had this family business called The Ketchup Club which serves hamburgers and milkshakes in a 70’s style environment.

TKC’s highlight offering include their unlimited fries (additional purchase required), but I opted for their ₱50 burger a la carte, and it tasted good. I got treated to a carbonara and it tasted great as well.

I haven’t tried their other offerings but we’ll see about that soon. For the meantime, if you’re into unlimited fries, go check this place out.

The Ketchup Club is open everyday from 1:30pm to 11:30pm. If you’re coming from the Marikina City proper, look for a jeep going to Lamuan. They’re just near South Supermarket and Roosevelt College Marikina, right beside the gasoline station. Visit their Facebook page for updates. The Ketchup Club, unfortunately, closed after some time.

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