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A recap of my latest episodes that are posted on Anchor

Long time no stories again.

It’s been so long since I did the keepsakes. Podcast, and here’s the latest episodes so far:

First Event Recording

Aside form the usual idol talk, I shared my thoughts on Cryptocurrency and Data Privacy, just right after the issues against Flying Colors Foundation have erupted, leading to its early closure.

I never knew I will be getting back to discussing Data Privacy as Jollibee and Wendy’s are recently hit with sanctions from the National Privacy Commission.

I tried to omit idol talk and it went nowhere

Well, there are ups and there are downs, just like Episode 6. I recorded this at a time where MNL48 fans (including me) are so pissed off with the result of the management’s decision to put a twist in the competition, adding aspirants who underwent a secret audition AND twisting the rules so that if the bottom 7 out of the 48 selected aspirants will have their places switched if they don’t go up in next week’s rankings. I was so pissed that I avoided it.

The result? A 15-minute podcast.

I make up for the lack idols by talking about more idols

Episode 7 is recorded after the General Elections of MNL48, in which I was busy covering #NICE2018 and the #WCSPH2018 Nationals. With me is Serena of The Lily Cat, and we shared our thoughts on MNL48 so far.

Funny story, I was suppose to talk more about my coverage, but that’s the way it went.

To see more of my previous podcast episodes, read the post below:From Video to Audio

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