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The Gathering — 16 July 2016

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Top: Inside the theater. Bottom Left: The facade of the Onstage Theater during the event. Bottom Right: The event banners.

Yesterday, I was at the Onstage Theater at Greenbelt 1 for a benefit event called “The Gathering.” There are two reasons why I went: The organizer invited me personally, and Seishun Kakumei will perform there.

Left: The judges (evaluators) Rina, Louise Betita and Cherry Boase.  Center, Right: Photos of cover group Seishun Kakumei and acoustic duo Mavilon

Aside from the usual stage activities, they have booths (at the event lobby), Cosplay competition, contests, so on and so forth. When I ask the organizer about the outcome of the event, they told me that everything’s OK as this is an event for a cause.

I was unable to get the full gist of the event due to an errand, but all’s well as I’ve made good use of my time to meet support the people I know and trust (or should I say Seishun Kakumei because they did their own rendition of Macross Delta’s “Ikenai Borderline”).

Top Left and Center: Guest evaluators Cherry Boase and Rina. Top Right: One of the hosts cosplays as Sarada. Bottom: The hosts with a cosplayer for a photo-op. 

While these are just the few images that I can share (the rest are either out of focus or just plain blurry), I hope this will be enough to provide you the scope of the event. See you soon!