The 7 people you meet at a traffic gridlock

  • Opinion

Earlier, I was just going back home in a tricycle when a traffic gridlock happened. It happens that a commotion heats up. There I realized the different kinds of people there:

  1. The one who didn’t gave way for the other drivers — self-explanatory.
  2. The other driver who is on rage mode — “Look, you didn’t gave way and just revved like you don’t care!”
  3. The “citizen journalist” — Let me take a video of this and send it to YouScoop or Top Gear Philippines.
  4. The ones who are part of a few good men — You can name an enforcer or a good citizen who helps in fixing the road. “Let’s push back a bit to give way so that the car can pass.”
  5. The spectator — who just watched…and waited.
  6. The whiner — Which is me most of the time. “Who parked that car in the sidewalk?!”
  7. The one who should be really blamed for the gridlock — shout-out to that guy who parked his vehicle on a sidewalk in a two-way road. Bless you, really. Sell your car if you can’t park it in the right place.

This is just a scenario in a two-way road. Let’s not talk about EDSA and the highways, as we’ll have more people there. It’s like a special halo-halo in there; so delicious, you have to stop talking.

That’s what traffic made made me think at the moment. Hopefully, I can get earlier to work than usual.

It’s been a while, folks! I’m busy doing my stuff at work, and while I don’t have much time to write my thoughts here, you can still see me posting stuff on Twitter.