Testing my OBS Template: Desk Diary – September 26, 2020

After less than a year, we now have another equipment upgrade in office – this is necessary to speed up the editing process of our online events. After some tweaking, I was able to connect two monitors to a single desktop, just what I need to edit videos and stream well.

Now that the materials have been set up, I expect more work to come my way. The events season is not yet over.

Nevertheless, I take these as blessings – I should; we are still blessed to work and earn. The usual whining while troubleshooting and the like remains, but that’s part of the journey that I enjoy.

I’m just about to do the second revision to my magnum opus – a virtual induction and handover ceremony of my Rotary club where I am now a sworn-in secretary. My involvement with the Rotary continues to be the same as ever.

Speaking of upgraded equipment, I finally got to test my OBS template which I only got back into since setting it aside last year. I’m happy with the results, because finally, I placed my OBS Template to good use. Here’s the highlight of my test done early in the morning.

I’m now a year older – and so is keepsakes 2.0. We’re still in this volatile and uncertain world. Just a while ago, I heard that mentioning Taiwan as a Hololive vtuber can get you into trouble because those loyal to the PRC will storm your chat and fill it with derogatory comments.

Prior to this, we saw cases of bad actors in the local vtuber community, something that I refuse to talk about in detail with respect to my idols.

In a way, the world has changed in both good ways and bad: Look at your surroundings, you find more peace nowadays. Most of the toxicity you see are now online.

Then again, the best way you can do for yourself is to fight the battles you are confident to win.

Don’t get involved in fights as much as possible. Practice maximum tolerance. Keep your words to the people you are confident to speak to. You can think about the past but please don’t forget to move on. Be at peace with yourself. Love yourself, guys.

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