“Tarpaulin Auctions” in retrospect

A panorama shot of Ozine Fest 2014 held in Pasay City.

When it was alive and kicking, I set Deremoe as a place where basically I can do almost anything — no rules, for a lack of a proper word — and among the things I miss doing as that guy from Deremoe is to audit the tarpaulins that are being auctioned at Ozine events. It was just for kicks and then it went on to become my traditional routine at every Ozine event. For a fact that the auctions grew up as a tradition for Ozine as well, the feeling is mutual.

Below is a scattered set of tables (too bad Medium doesn’t allow adding tables as of the moment) placed as images. These images will tell you how fun tallying this.

Tally for Otaku Expo Reload 2015.

Ozine Fest 2015 had the biggest tarpaulin auction so far with 52 tarpaulins.

Otaku Expo 2014: The Ryuko Matoi and Golden Time tarpaulins got Php2,000.

Ozine Fest 2014: The final bid of a Kuroko no Basuke tarpaulin is Php2,500.