Starbucks Coffee Appreciation Festival

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Before I get busy with work, I want to kick the week with some useful pieces of information:

  1. 90% of what you smell is what you taste,
  2. There’s this this called “coffee tasting,” where you smell, slurp, locate and describe the coffee,
  3. There’s a difference between the milk used in latte and the milk in frappe,
  4. The darker the coffee roast, the deeper the body it has (and the lesser the acidity it has),
  5. The Arabica breed of coffee is more susceptible to diseases than the Robusta breed that is used in instant coffee, and more.

That’s what I’ve learned during the Starbucks Coffee Appreciation Festival at the Shangri-la Plaza Mall yesterday. I’ve tasted shots of different Starbucks blends, and I even got a caramel latte.

Now here’s more images from my MyPhone My28:

Now that I appreciate why Starbucks has that authentic feeling (they aim to be the “third place” next to home and work), I may want to try their iced coffees soon.

As a bonus, I gave them an idea about “coffee reading” (which I learned through GochiUsa), as apparently the coffee masters I spoke to there don’t do that at Starbucks. Silly me, I ask if it was real or not.