Singapore keepsakes 2018 in retrospect

Hi guys! Time for another blog.

Just to let you know, we pulled off an online Induction and Turnover Ceremony in just a week, and there are lessons in doing so. Now, I take my body off and look at my Google Photo albums. I have backups of my past travels from Baguio, Cebu and Singapore there.

Now that it is expected that travel will be much more costly in the New Normal, I would like to take the time to reminisce my travels prior to the start of the pandemic.

I have said before in my C3AFA Singapore 2018 Travelogue that if I won’t make it to the said event – which was marking its 10th year – I will regret it for the rest of my life.

I’m glad I made the decision to go.

Let me open the album of photos from my Singapore trip, as there are more stories beyond what I’ve told in the travelogue.

It’s best to fly as the sun rises to get the money shots

My flight to Singapore is around 5:30 in the morning, just in time for me to see the sun rise. I am reminded of our flag carrier’s memorable “Sunlight” ad with Kevyn Lettau singing to he tune of song of the same name.

As a central trading and transport hub in Southeast Asia, it’s not surprising that ships come and go into the country-state. This image shows just how many ships are in the sea as we approach the airport.

Going around

On this first trip, I am carrying a small luggage bag plus a backpack and a smaller bag. I’ve considered bringing a bigger luggage bag, which I did so when I went to Baguio. It sure is quite tedious to carry more bags.

There are a handful of moments at Suntec City, which includes seeing the “Big Picture” that the Exhibition Centre has, the first time I ate Kaya Toast, and that moment where I was asking for directions at the reception of the mall and then suddenly the receptionist asked me if I’m Filipino, then guide me to where I’m supposed to go.

I’ve seen videos of the AFA ticket queue through the post-event aftermath features online, so I’m not surprised when I saw it in person. This is coming from someone who have bought tickets in advance.

Digital TV roll-out in Singapore

By the time I arrived in Singapore, Digital TV has rolled out, and analog TV will end by December 30. The public information campaign has been aggressive – from train ads to channel notices and videos shared on social media.

In my personal opinion, Filipinos have yet to see this strategy be realized.

As far as I see it, the definition of Digital TV in the country has been almost dilapidated to pieces. We are not yet done explaining what Digital TV means to the grassroots so they can understand, and competition among broadcasters did not help.

As far as I see it, the masses’ focus for network loyalty has shifted into full overdrive as the then-dominant broadcaster got refused the privilege to operate its broadcast on terrestrial frequencies.

Despite all these, I still have the confidence that we can elevate its definition and intended purpose to the grassroots.

C3AFA Singapore 2018 moments

There are lots of things that I’ve mentioned in my C3AFA Singapore guide posted last year, but I’ll share more keepsakes for you.

Some photos here includes me, my friends and the rest of the community that I may or may not have known personally. Twitter is a home to a lot of eventers, and I’m glad to meet them in person.

I just feel that they are too powerful for me to get in touch with, so I settled with watching what they do and capture their moments.

I also took my time to pose with the standees so I can tell my mom that I am there. You don’t usually see me taking photos of myself.

Always capture the surroundings whenever, wherever you can

Singapore at day is great, but Singapore at night is fantastic. The city lights, the Marina Bay, the Jubilee and Helix Bridges which are great spots for cosplay photos, the Changi Airport…

I want to get back to all of it, stay a bit more, and get to the other unexplored areas as well. I haven’t seen the Sky Garden, or Universal Studios Singapore.

Whenever you can, wherever you are, capture the moment with your eyes first, and with your camera next.

That would be it for the photos from Singapore. Thanks for reading until the end. After the exhausting schedule, I plan to get back in action this month with new content. As always, keep yourselves safe.


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