Alright guys, I just finished Day 1 of Stores Asia Expo and I would love to see you at SMX tomorrow (Friday August 10) as entrance is free and I’m game for some chit-chat.

For now, let me share my unedited thoughts about Maria (Sillykonpeito) as I see her developments online.

[Photo] Brentertainment

The first time I really really met Maria was at O-kun Fiesta years ago where she is dressed as Hanayo Koizumi (the apple of the eye ng mga kanin kings kasi mahilig din sya sa kanin) and I was among the ones who got enthralled by how great her costume is and her cure appearance.

Prior to this I’ve already heard her in a few events and I thought I can’t reach the point kung saan makakausap ko siya in person. She even appeared on GG Network’s Cosplay Attack. That is a 5 Network brand, mga tsong, a 5 Network brand.

Cosplay Attack Ep. 3 | Heroes At (Cos)Play

On this episode of Cosplay Attack, it’s time to put the spotlight on the ladies who kick ass! Kanra goes face-to-face with pretty challenger, Maria as they cosplay the heroes from Overwatch, one of today’s most popular first-person shooting video games. Who will make a look that is truly worthy of a hero?

Ok so ganto mga pre: She is adding local group AliPro (aka Alyansa) and upcoming 24/7 online gaming stream Brentertainment into her career list. She will perform as AliPro this Sunday sa AniFes (in which I have to beg off because I can’t leave my solo adulting duties) and she will be part of the latter’s roster of talents.

She’s living her life to the fullest. Aside from being a cosplayer and a tarot reader, I’m looking forward sa kung anong susunod na gagawin niya. Honest. Congrats madam, looking forward to your further success.