Sekatsuyo — Figurative Chokeslam Approaching

When “Wanna be the strongest in the world!” or Sekatsuyo was announced, I’m excited — I’ve had my share of being a wrestling fan before; and I’ve got my share of Rikishi’s butt in my childhood days, thanks to my brother’s comrades way back in our first hometown.

I’ve watched this show, and I can say that there are three constant things each time I watch this series:

  1. Ayana Taketatsu’s painful voice each time she gets wrestled out.
  2. Ayana’s character loses each match (but not long until she gets her first win)
  3. I’ve had this feeling of being choked figuratively each time I watch the poor idol girl get hurt.
  4. That feeling also translates to “will you give up?”

Sure enough, Sekatsuyo is listed in one of the rarest segments of sports anime that is the wrestling anime category, but then it quite packs a punch. Knowing a bit about the Japanese entertainment industry, that is “if you are there, you can be in any position in due time;” such cases include AKB48 idols going the JAV route, but this is a unique case we’re looking at — not to mention, I don’t know if there was really a real-life case of an idol who pursued professional wrestling.

But we are now aware of a seiyuu going to that route, which is yet another story with the same set of decisions to pick — will she be able to juggle two roles? That is the question we are yet to be answered in the next set of episodes.

Furthermore, even if I try to drop this series, I just can’t. It must be my memories of WWE Divas telling me not to; it’s just that I don’t see any sort of hookers that is usually the character the Divas are donning on-screen, based on such memories.

Will I recommend this series to you? I can only tell you that this show has an all-star cast (heck, they even have Tomatsu and KanaHana) but it makes it more of an excuse than a reason.

Maybe you need to appreciate female pro wrestling in order to enjoy this show; and I guess I need to watch videos of these kinds.