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See you at Toushin Fandom February 2022

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Fandom February 2022

It’s been a long time since I conducted a talk online, and I am given an opportunity to do so once more. Touyou no Shinju (Toushin) holds Fandom February 2022 this month, hosting another set of discussions on anime culture.

Fandom February 2022 is filled with talks from Josei Manga, Fansubbing, JRPG, Parasocial Relationships, Rhythm Games and more. This event goes live on Zoom and on Twitch on all Fridays of February.

VTubers led me to my first visit to Fandom February, and this time, I’d like to give attention to the story of the local community as a new generation of anime fans rise from their rooms. This, at a time where we emerge out of our own caves.

This year’s theme is “Perspectives” – and Toushin describes the theme as follows: “[…] expressing the breadth of knowledge and experiences as the topics reflect reality.”

Join us online on February 4, 11, 18, and 25. Register now at