See you at Pinoy Otaku Festival 2018 this Saturday

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I’ll be moderating two panels at the Pinoy Otaku Festival this Saturday – Panels are for 30 minutes, part of the afternoon session

Hi guys! Long time no post again.

I know I have a busy week — I was so busy that the only thing I can do is to share stuff on Facebook. We just had another event and I think they are done with the egress.

This Saturday (June 2), I will be at the Fairview Terraces mall for the Pinoy Otaku Festival 2018. Last year, I went there to be a panelist, now I’m going to moderate two panels.

The first panel scheduled will be on the select kinds of media in which we consume our content and how it goes well (or otherwise) with each other.

You all know Bryner Melendez as one of the heads of Fate/Philippines, Hiro Tan. Ayan, face reveal na, tsong. The rest I have yet to get acquainted with.

The second panel I am set to moderate is related to this year’s POF theme of “Ai (Love),” so that means there must be a panel about love. Couples. Sweethearts. You know, the heart-rending side of it.

I’m planning to have these panels released either as a podcast or as a video series, whichever works with my time (take note, ToyCon is set to be held a few days after this and I’ll be needing a lot of stored energy for that three-day event as a staff.)

That was me last year, joining a panel discussion on Cosplay Issues. This year will have its own set of panelists, and they are so familiar to me (cue Kenny rogers’ “Through the Years”).

These are some of the things I do pro bono, as long as it does not overlap in my current work. I’m happy to be part of this, and I shall give these discussions my #wildest. See you there!