Santouka’s Miso Ramen

  • Food

During FLOW’s concert at Ozine Fest 2016, I hanged out with my friends and then we went to Ramen Santouka at the Veranda of the nearby Mall of Asia.

Santouka started with lack of satisfaction. Hitoshi Hatanaka and his family got a quick meal in a ramen shop, and he was not satisfied with the taste of the ramen — and considering that they watched a series called Tanpopo (which features a ramen resto), he got inspired to make his own ramen that he can proudly serve to his family and opened shop in Hokkaido in March 1988.

From Japan, the shop has spread to 8 countries including the Philippines.

Once again I got to eat something I consider luxurious (the delicious Miso Ramen is priced at around Php400 including a 10% service charge) at a great place where you are being serenaded by a live band (well, the band was on the ground level and we are on the second level; but still, we can hear some good tunes from that space.)