Recap 6 Days of Otakufest 2021

Recap: 6 Days of Otakufest 2021 online

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Six days of Otakufest 2021 have passed. One of Cebu’s annual otaku events just went virtual last week, and here’s a recap of what has happened.

Recap 6 Days of Otakufest 2021


Even during these times, I’m happy that Otakufest is still able to hold workshops. Afternoons of hands-on tutorials are done by SFX Makeup Artist Chey Adamson and Team Class S’ Seigfred Enero.

If I were to ask which moments I remember the most, I’ll share one for each workshop:

  • Chey’s step-by-step, hands-on makeup workshop is fantastic. You can see the progress on how to make fake wounds, or fake skin peels. It is indeed a meticulous process.
  • Seigfred’s workshop stressed the purpose of forward and backward stances especially in a stage performance.

Contests / Performances

I’ve observed quite a lot of events during the six days of Otakufest 2021, and overall, I am happy with the performances too.

The intermissions during the livestreams of the contest feature powerful performances from the community.


Speaking of community, the Discord activity’s pretty much active. There’s discussions on food, art and memes (especially memes).

While I can’t show the full activity here, what I remember the most is the last few minutes before the event actually ends – I’m still by-standing at the voice chat even past 10pm, which is the set curfew time.

This brings back memories of me still inside the hall when the event has ended. Too bad I can’t eat with friends physically. The true convention is the friends we make along the way.

List of Contest Winners

To recap, here are the Champions of various contests held at Otakufest 2021:

Original Character DesignCai Siegfried, the Overlord’s Jester
One-shot Manga The World of Sameness (Law Cafe)
Japanese Singing Yumichii
Asian Pop Dance Elisha Nicole
Valorant TournamentElite Valiant
Cosplay ShowcaseResu S Cathz
Otakufest ThrowbackDukhneeka, Dave Tinoy
Champions announced during the Otakufest 2021 awarding ceremonies streamed live on Facebook

In conclusion

I miss going to Cebu. I really do. For now, Otakufest 2021 committed to being there for us, wherever we are.

As the event goes virtual, the spread of the events throughout six days is well-planned, considering that the team also have commitments outside of the event.

Should they hold another virtual Otakufest, I look forward to having more activities for another 6 days. I left the virtual venue happy and satisfied. I am able to catch up with friends and I’m happy to see Cebu’s otaku community, at least online.

I pray that this pandemic ends so we can meet again. Really can’t wait to be back in Cebu soon.

Once again, we would like to thank the Otakufest 2021 team for having keepsakes. as one of its official media partners. keepsakes. is a media partner since 2018, and we’ll make this a tradition.