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Happy New Year, my friends! The year 2019 full of twists and turns, and the last pieces of news I got are:

I wish I could focus on story # 1, but story # 2 riled up the anime community to react again.

Recency Bias?

Funimation asked its fans to vote for their Anime fo the Decade, in which the results are already released last December 09th.

While the official announcement over at their blog cannot be accessed by people outside of their scope (which includes yours truly), Anime News Network has released the list on their site.

Ok, let’s try to define what they meant for “Animation.” From how I understood it, they were referring to the fluid animation styles and other intricate details illustrated to create a scene worthy of each viewers’ time.

Now, some people may misunderstood the term “Animation” from “Anime” in this context, but I can quite see the point: Kimetsu no Yaiba, the Ufotable-helmed series, really is a work of art.

Of course, not ignoring their previous works including the Fate/ series, Ufotable deserves worthy praise when it comes to legit quality illustrations.

However, if we apply the concept of recency bias, we may have overlooked how Kill la Kill or even Ping Pong the Animation has its own quirky animation styles.

In addition, we know that Funimation has been given rights to distribute a lot of anime titles in the USA, but this does not mean they hold every anime title there. We have other titleholders like Sentai Filmworks and even Crunchyroll for the US market.

Therefore, we can agree that the “Decade of Anime” fan poll is reserved to only Funimation-licensed titles, dominated by fans who are majority hooked to Kimetsu no Yaiba, the fluidly-animated series which aired before this decade ends.

This is okay – those who disagree can simply opt to have their list of choices. Also, since the series is set to have a sequel film this eyar, I am expecting that the hype won’t die down soon.

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