Quick Virtual YouTuber Super Chat Guide using GCash/PayMaya

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I’m having a great time watching Virtual YouTubers do their way in entertaining us especially in the time where we’re expected to always stay home.

VTubers have been my refuge – it’s like watching a raw episode of an anime live. I’ve been watching more VTubers than anime episodes nowadays.

As part of its support system, VTubers harness YouTube’s super chats function to keep themselves afloat as they work hard and continue to entertain us.

Here’s a Quick Virtual YouTuber Superchat Guide using GCash or PayMaya so you can simp support your favorite Virtual YouTubers.

Step 1: Get your Mobile Wallet and add cash

Signing up for a mobile wallet should not take an hour or so, just a few minutes. Have your government-issued ID ready.

After signing up, there are many ways to add cash into your mobile wallet – linking your bank account to the eWallet, online bank transfers, or loading it through supermarkets, convenience stores, or payment centers.

I strongly recommend using the bank transfer method, as you will only use your registered GCash mobile number and name as your account number and name whichever banking app you use.

GCash and PayMaya are payment options for Google Pay in the Philippines, and you can link your GCash to Google Pay through the Google Play app or the Google Play Store website.

Aside from paying for superchats, you can use GCash or PayMaya to pay for purchases in the Google Play Store. Please do keep this in mind.

Step 3: Watch your favorite VTuber on YouTube Live

Get to the live stream of your favorite VTuber, interact in the chat and find the right time to send super chats. This is usually during the start of the stream, or before the stream is expected to close.

Sometimes, VTubers have their own Q&A sessions, which you can take full advantage of.

Step 4: Find the Superchat Icon

If the channel you’re subscribed to is eligible for super chats, you should see a gray dollar button beside the chat field.

Please take note that super chats are available on select live streams only, and it’s the VTubers or their agencies who will apply for monetization upon reaching set milestones, so please do keep supporting your favorite VTubers.

Here’s YouTube’s guide on Super chats for more information.

Step 5: Pick your Superchat

You can donate as small as Php25 (without text) or Php50 (with text). The more you pay for a single super chat, the longer the message you can send and the longer it will stay in the top of the chat area.


As per records posted on Playboard, Kiryu Coco has earned a total gross of Php37,852,312.07 (or around USD 771,361.23) in super chats. For every super chat, YouTube takes around 30-40% of it depending on the country and/or its existing laws, based on a Reddit comment one year ago:

For your convenience, financial stability and online safety

  • Only send the cash you need to spend. I whip up a super chat whenever I feel like it, but I only limit my superchat to just one. Everyone’s support is counted, and having just one Php25 or Php50 superchat under your name is as valuable as others. Do not risk having debts by keeping your spending habits to a minimum.
  • Budget your vtuber simping Set a budget for superchats accordingly. I usually spend Php50, and I make it a point to post it at the right time and the right place.
  • Monitor your transactions carefully. In each successful super chat, YouTube sends emails and your mobile wallet sends text messages. Track your spending accordingly.
  • You can use GCash on Google Pay to even buy Facebook Stars. I just tried this with Sir WheatBread’s first night of streaming.
  • Verify your GCash account to apply for an American Express Virtual Pay card so you can give money to any Streamlabs donation page through PayPal. Important: Additional charges apply.
  • Upgrade your PayMaya account to make use of its Virtual Card feature.
  • Secure your Mobile PIN and don’t share it to anyone. The “P” in PIN does not mean “Public.”
  • Don’t save your login details in your phone. Remember your login details by mind and by heart.
  • Lastly, it’s absolutely your responsibility to take care of your online accounts. With proper care for your smartphone, online and eWallet accounts, you can rest assured that you won’t get your cash and your logins stolen.

While I promote GCash at my accord, it’s best to note that they do have their downtimes, and their Help Center is ready to accept complaints.

Let me know your questions in the comments below using your Facebook account or on Twitter and I’ll answer to the best of my knowledge (or refer you to some specific help center articles).

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