Prepare your wallets, SAO and Aqours fans — ODEX and SM have great news for you

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“Sword Art Online THE MOVIE -Ordinal Scale-”, Aqours First Live at SM Cinema this month — Prepare your wallets.

Just when I am about to settle down from the successful Digital TV Summit and The Manila Times 5th Business Forum; and prepare all of my backlogs for posting, these happened.

I rarely use profanities in my posts, but let me say this — holy shit, this has to be the most expensive month we’ll ever see.

Sword Art Online THE MOVIE -Ordinal Scale-

We’ve waited long for ODEX Private Limited to speak up with regards to the screening of Sword Art Online THE MOVIE -Ordinal Scale- on February 18, Saturday — and at last, we got news two days before the Worldwide Screening Date.

Once I got hold of the details posted on the SM Cinema website, I posted it on the unofficial meetup event page I did. Anime Pilipinas got in touch with SM Cinema as they caught up with the news and posted more details anent the said screening:

  1. It’s a one-time screening (for now, hopefully).
  2. Contrary to what I said earlier on Facebook that the ticket’s ₱505 as seen on the SM Cinema website, Anime Pilipinas is told that since the screening will be held at Cinema 2 which has Deluxe and Premiere sections, two ticket tiers will be sold. Both tiers have goodies.

Aqours First Live

The ever-savage Onegai Onii-chan led by the ever-loyal-to-Anju-Inami businessman Edrell Dy has posted a thread of a conversation with ODEX (not his convo but still), with the latter stating that SM Cinema will be posting details of Aqours’ First Love Live online plus his signature “OO TANGINA” line, spreading good news to all of Aqours fans in the metro.

It’s safe to say that the licensors have heard our requests. If by any chance I got the time to update this, I’ll let you in with the details. For now, let’s keep ourselves in suspense.

It has been a very eventful February for me, and with these events approaching, I wonder what’s in for me this year. git gud, man.

This post is updated to reflect contextual corrections.