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June 2020 Monthly Podcast Update: Virtual YouTubers, Yuri Anime, Conspiracy Theories(?) and more

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Over the course of 2 years producing the Podcast, I’ve done more than 70 episodes – and with a good schedule (Mondays at 9:00am Manila Time every two weeks), I know I’m on the right track.

It’s high time that I finally post about my podcasts every month, starting today. Here’s what’s up:

Virtual YouTubers (June 1)

On this podcast recorded last April 29, I am joined by past guests CH4U’s Tito Natz and Sho (Yumin) to discuss Virtual YouTubers in line with the AsaCoco wave that is hounding me – grassing, if I say so myself – for around a month now since we got into community quarantine. Rants and raves are spread all over for your listening pleasure.

By now, I’ve been posting superchats to Kiryu Coco and Risu Ayunda, but before that, I’ve watched quite a lot of Asacoco and saw quite a few issues in the VTuber culture.

This episode also raises the possibility of having a Hololive branch in the Philippines, which we heavily disagree due to cultural matters.

Yuri Anime to Watch During Quarantine (June 15)

Serena of The Lily Cat gushes for voice actress Junko Iwao more than Sakura Tange, and we learn that there’s more to Ayako Kawasumi and Noriko Shitaya than just Fate/. This is your yuri-centric episode, filled with seiyuu references.

I always have fun discussing the voices behind the characters in our favorite anime, so this is quite a refreshing take during the quarantine.

I’m free to talk about all things seiyuu. Though I’m leaning on the female seiyuu side of things, but I can still catch up on the male side through some of my Facebook friends. Let’s talk about seiyuu anytime, I’ll sort out my sked to make that possible!

Cue the X-Files Theme (June 29)

We’re not expected to know the truth (or handle it). Take it from me – the deeper we talk about today’s pressing matters to find solutions that will satisfy us, the more we don’t get it – and with it, more questions come to us. This episode talks about the New Normal and some things that even you can’t handle.

Joining me is JM Cruz of Project Materia and Zero Hour Discussions. JM is that one guy who allows me to talk about mundane things without fear of backlash, and this is just how we exchange our thoughts.

You can listen to keepsakes.: The Podcast on Anchor, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcast, or wherever you listen to.

Also, check out this podcast’s IMDb entry! I pulled it off using a guide I’ve seen on Podcast Movement. IMDb has yet to fully support podcast entries, but this should work well.