Photos from Taytay — 21 August 2016

The flagpole at the Rosario Ocampo Elementary in Taytay, which is among the places where I grew up.

It’s been more or less a year since I visited Taytay. I really liked this place — this is where I spent three years before moving to Pasig for my Grade 5.

The facade of the Rosario Ocampo Elementary School, where I spent my Grades 2, 3, and 4.

There used to be a building for Grade 3 and 4 classes, which I believed has been demolished (it was already old when I studied there) and to be replaced by a better one.

There used to be a saving bank in this space — and if I remember it correctly, it’s named “Uniwise” back then. Near it is the Plaza Twin Cinema (now Puregold Jr. Taytay), which has a painted poster for a smoking competition (which includes “Hell” as the top prize).

I even went to the place where I used to live. We used to have a store where we lived, which is near an internet cafe which introduced to me “Neighbours from Hell.” (I love the game’s soundtrack, by the way)

It’s also near another store which has a chip pool (I forgot how it’s called) that’s similar to billiards. It’s been transformed into an internet cafe as well — and to think they still use old versions of Windows, their stuff still works and their internet connection’s fast.

The next stop I went to is Taytay Uptown, in which the new public market is in. Aside from the market, the most memorable landmarks there are the Jollibee and McDonald’s outlets adjacent to each other.

That’s what my brief trip to the uptown went so far. Next stop is the Misaki Cyber Con at SM City Taytay.